Bespoke Greenhouse Shading

for Alton, Robinson, Eden, Elite, Growhouse, Cambridge, Hartley, Janssens, Gilbert Ash, Swallow... you name it, we do it! (Freestanding, lean-to, octagonal, Victorian etc.)

April 2017:

I received the greenhouse shade this morning and put it on in minutes. I would like to order another one for the other side. Oh, why have I been messing around with other things all these years?!

J.T., Bedworth

Versatile Koalashade

Koalashades are normally dropped straight from ridge down roof and side. All shades are secured by rubber tensioners with steel S hooks attached, looped through the shade eyelets, then through screw eyes or hooked into aluminium brackets which are attached to the framework, using your own screws. For aluminium structures these will be self-tapping screws (often existing, capping screws). Use screw eyes (supplied) for timber buildings. We can also do shades for non-door end panels to suit.

All shades are constructed from a 70% shade factor knitted UV-stabilised polymer, which is finished - sewn in triple thickness material - to your specified length, with brass eyeletting in each corner.

Summer and Winter. Koalashade represents the most useful and versatile form of greenhouse shading available. In high Summer none is more effective in preventing excessive heat build-up and, in Winter, frost penetration. However, the shading factor of this denser material exceeds that of normal greenhouse netting. Shading of the roof areas is never a problem; but carefully consider light factors when covering the sides - Summer and Winter. If your greenhouse is situated broadside on to the sun, we suggest that you simply use Koalashade down that roof and side. For greenhouses situated North/South we suggest two 6'6" (2m) Koalashades (one each side of the ridge). We manufacture complete sets of shading for orchid growers.

If the shade is not required during the Winter, it can be washed in cold water in a washing machine and neatly packed away for the next season.

Victorian and other shaped greenhouses. We can supply roof shades shaped around porch areas for Cambridge, Hartley, and other Victorians. We also supply for octagonals and hip-roof greenhouses (such as those of the Robinson Riviera range). Simple diagrams with measurements are required.

How to use the tensioners. Feed tensioner end through hole and at the appropriate tension pull sideways into slit. Insert locking plug.

How to put on the shade. Screw the cup hook supplied into a 6' or 8' length of wooden dowel. Feed one top rubber tensioner into the screw eye or aluminium bracket, and lock. Hooking the cup hook through the top eyelet in the opposite end of the shade, walk to the other end of the greenhouse holding the shade aloft. Removing the cup hook, feed a tensioner through the eyelet and the screw eye or aluminium bracket, and lock. (See photograph below.)

ALTON octagonal greenhouses

Bespoke shade for new Alton Octagonal 69.

All Alton / Robinson greenhouses specially catered for. All other makes according to specs. Ring for price ( if not shown).

Koalashade is an an excellent insulator for overwintering plants - saving a substantial amount on heating.

ALTON lean-tos and freestanding greenhouses

ALTON EVOLUTION using existing capping screws (see below). Wooden greenhouses - screw eyes supplied are usually screwed straight into the framework.

Inside view of Alton greenhouse with shading.

ROBINSON lean-tos and freestanding greenhouses

(Applicable to all aluminium frames.)

Robinson Royale 10'

LOOK NO SCREWS! Often metal greenhouses do not need brackets attached - they simply hook round the ends of ridge bars and into a convenient catch point in the framework. Otherwise use Koala brackets (supplied) using your own self-tapping screws or existing capping screws as with the Alton Evolution above.

Using a cup hook (supplied) into the end of 8' wooden dowel (or other), hook into tensioner and, holding the shade clear of obstructions, bring over to the opposite top fixing and hook in.


Each 6'6" (2m) depth shade is produced as a finished shade to your desired length. Price: £7.00 per foot length, delivered. Buy 2 @ £5 per foot length.
(Other depths can be made to order.)

Prices of Alton/Fawt Octagonal shades are:
66 Octagonal - £120
68 Octagonal - £140
69 Octagonal - £160
88 Octagonal - £180
811 Octagonal - £220

For your reassurance. For over twenty years we were the exclusive manufacturers and suppliers of greenhouse shading for Alton and Robinson, and Cambridge Varsity and Victorian glasshouses. These products were designed by us.

If you have any questions, or wish to order, please call us on 07717 472432. (If we are not available, please leave your name and number only and we will call you back as soon as possible.)