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Some answers to typical questions

Why external shading?
Why is it a dense green mesh?
Is there a guarantee?
Why is it relatively inexpensive?
What do our customers think?
When was Koalashade established?

Why external shading?

In whatever form it is the only answer to heat build-up in a glazed building. Heat is prevented from entering the building. Some of the problems associated with alternatives are as follows:

Tinted polycarbonate only reduces glare.

Double glazing increases heat build-up.

Internal blinds don't stop the heat entering and can cause increased heat build-up near the roof, causing some roofs to buckle (e.g. Ultralite 500, Everlite or similar – as confirmed by Ultraframe). They might take the sun off you, but the building remains hot.

Why is it a dense green mesh?

Green is the best possible colour for glare reduction and for not showing dirt. It also fits in with the natural colours in your garden.

The mesh works mainly by convection, which takes place on top of the roof. Convection currents take the hot air upwards through the mesh.

Rainwater drains normally.

The rain noise on polycarbonate roofs is greatly reduced and their life is extended by the reduction of U.V.

Good U.V. filtration protects your skin.

Is there a guarantee?

There is a 28 day refund guarantee for all rectangular ('lean-to') shades, for your reassurance when buying mail-order. The material used in Supershade is guaranteed against U.V. degradation for 6 years.

Why is it relatively inexpensive?

Measuring and fitting (even shaped) buildings is simple and straightforward using our guidance sheets. Victorian, Edwardian and pavilion buildings are no problem to us – we have years of experience to draw upon – and we are happy to help over the telephone if you are worried at all. Measurement and fitting do not require workmen, so saving you a lot of money. Our shades are designed for basic D.I.Y. skills.

What do our customers think?

We receive hundreds of accolades from customers. Supershade is a superbly constructed, tough, reinforced and finished product that will give good service for years. You can order with complete confidence that we have been around longer than ALL the major conservatory blind companies – ON TOP, OF COURSE!

A shade from 1985

Taken in 1985, this inadequate photograph confirms our pioneering role in shading newly emerging domestic conservatories. All curve-fronted structures, such as that illustrated, were not amenable to conventional methods.

The major blind companies have still not adequately addressed heat problems.


We have developed a new 1m (39") standard drop shade as an additional facility for conservatories of a general southerly aspect. This is to provide an extra filter for UV rays causing excessive heat that would enter the front or side(s) of a building in high Summer. At the same time it allows passage through doors with little trouble. (Either the bottom of the shade can be lifted up or a curtain shade formed by running a cord through continuous eyeletting which is situated along the length of the shade). Side shades can be supplied - shaped to the fall of your roof on measurements supplied by you. The problem of glare from a setting sun can be cured using such shades.

House windows can similarly be shaded top-down 1m (39") - cutting out excessive heat and glare in high Summer.

Topshade across patio windows

Front conservatory Topshades will correspond to the exact length of your conservatory, end to end. House window shades should overlap into exterior brickwork two or three inches either side of your window frame. These shades are finished off each end with triple-depth material and eyeletted at each corner. They are then secured by adjustable rubber tensioners passed through corner eyelets into our normal conservatory anchor points or into screw eyes to be plugged into your house wall. All Topshades have a finished selvedge top and bottom, with continuous knitted eyeletting - so that cords can be run end to end, if desired, to form curtain shading, or for extra wind security.

Price. 6' (1.83m) drop Topshades are £6 per foot length.